Table 2

Prevalence of each safety problem by intervention at each assessment

Attention-control group (%)†Safety intervention group (%)†
Safety categoriesBaselineSix-month follow-upTwelve-month follow-upBaselineSix-month follow-upTwelve-month follow-up
Fire/electricity safety
Exposed wires10.85.612.49.207.6
Non-covered outlets70.172.370.171.472.361.9
Lack of working smoke detector on each floor8.
Fall prevention
Lack of stair gate (homes with stairs/toddler <24 months)*64.973.775.051.460.00
Dangerous balcony or porch4.
Unsafe outside handrails, steps or stairs6.
Poison control and others
Lack of child-resistant latches on cabinets for cleaning supplies or medications storage67.454.461.560.931.551.4
Chipped or peeled paint by finger scraping17.611.
Page-size peeling paint or broken plaster3.10.91.802.40
  • *The prevalence of ‘lack of stair gate’ was assessed only among mother–toddler dyads with stairs and with toddlers <24 months (n=131 baseline, 53, 6 months, and 9, 12 months).

  • †No group difference in frequency was found for each specific safety item (ps>0.10).