Table 1

Summary of the peer-reviewed literature that has used the Australian Sports Injury Data Dictionary, SMA Sports Injury Reporting Forms or SMA-Victoria’s Sports Injury Tracker

Authors (year) (reference source)Specific sport (where specified)Country of AuthorshipDC*DA†TD‡RO§
Australian Sports Injury Data Dictionary (Australian Sports Injury Data Dictionary)
 Gabbe (1999)25Australian FootballAustralia
 Gabbe and Finch (2001)31Australian FootballAustralia
 Besenyei et al (2002)32N/AAustralia
 Gabbe et al (2002)33Australian FootballAustralia
 Finch (2003)34AllAustralia
 Peasley (2003)35Australia
 Zazryn et al (2003)36BoxingAustralia
 Zazryn et al (2003)37Kick boxingAustralia
 Braham et al (2004).38Australian FootballAustralia
 Taylor et al (2004)28SurfingAustralia
 Fradkin et al (2005)39GolfAustralia
 Rae et al (2005)40AllAustralia
 Taylor et al (2005)29SurfingAustralia
 Rae and Orchard (2007)13AllAustralia
 Rotem (2007)41RugbyAustralia
 Andrew et al (2008)42AllAustralia
 Matthews et al (2008)43Recreational swimmingAustralia
 Shaw and Finch (2008)44CricketAustralia
 Ross (2009)45AllCanada
 Smartt and Chalmers (2009)46Horse ridingNew Zealand
 Zazryn et al (2009)26BoxingAustralia
 Erby et al (2010)30Surf lifesavingAustralia
 Gosling et al (2010)47TriathlonAustralia
 Finch et al (2014)48Australian FootballAustralia
 Smartt and  Chalmers (2012)49Snow sportsNew Zealand
 Finch et al (2013)50Australian FootballAustralia
 Reza et al (2013)51AllIran
 Aman et al (2014)52SeveralSweden
 Ekegren et al (2015)53Australian FootballAustralia
Sports Medicine Australia Injury Reporting Form (or modified version)
 Gabbett (2003)54Rugby leagueAustralia
 Atlas et al (2007)55MultiplePhilippines
 Gianoudis et al (2008)56BasketballAustralia
SMA-Victoria’s Injury Tracker
 Ekegren et al  (2014)57Australian FootballAustralia
 Ekegren et al (2015)53Australian FootballAustralia
  • *DC, for data collection.

  • †DA, for data analysis.

  • ‡TD, used  to develop a new data collection tool.

  • §RO, reference only.

  • SMA, Sports Medicine Australia.