Table 3

RR of pedestrian risky crossing behaviours and distraction at pedestrian MVC locations, Cluj County, Romania, 2010

Distraction ZINB modelRisky behaviours ZINB model
Site characteristicAdjusted RR95% CIAdjusted RR95% CI
Intersection (ref=no)1.03*1.31 to 3.44
Average motor vehicle speed (per mile per hour increase)0.950.88 to 1.010.93*0.90 to 0.96
Distracted pedestrians (per pedestrian)1.28*1.21 to 1.35
Painted crosswalk (ref=no crosswalk and no crossing sign)
 Yes, with crossing sign2.48*1.21 to 5.070.720.47 to 1.11
 No, but has crossing sign1.870.60 to 5.841.420.74 to 2.71
Bike lane or bike warning sign (ref=no)0.36*0.19 to 0.66
Pedestrians (per pedestrian)0.88*0.82 to 0.950.95*0.92 to 0.99
  • *p<0.05.

  • ZINB, zero-inflated negative binomial.