After PSM
Exposed n=215Unexposed n=95p Value
Intention to wear a helmet6.041.706.171.320.44
Action self-efficacy3.540.783.550.800.97
 Outcome expectancies3.110.563.020.630.20
Intention to comply with the law5.691.735.871.610.39
 Maintenance self-efficacy3.420.793.370.810.64
 Recovery self-efficacy3.510.813.520.730.92
 RR perception−0.461.25−0.471.280.96
 Absolute risk perception0.
 Perceived risk of breaking the law3.291.943.531.860.29
  • Factors within the best fitting model (model B) are printed bold. Exposed: people who answered at least one of the questions on campaign exposure with ‘yes.’ Unexposed: people who answered all questions on campaign exposure with ‘no.’

  • PSM, propensity score matching.