Table 3

Performance objectives, determinants and change objectives for the Adoption of FootyFirst by community-AF coaches

 Determinants of FootyFirst ADOPTION by community-AF coaches
 Internal (personal) determinantsExternal determinants
Performance objectives (POs)KnowledgeSkillsBeliefsEnvironment
PO 2Coaches aware of need to implement FootyFirstK1Know why players should participate in FootyFirstB1Believe lower limb injuries have a negative impact on team performanceE1Receive information from respected external sources about the importance of preventing lower limb injuries
  B2Believe team will benefit from participating in FootyFirst
B3Believe FootyFirst will reduce the risk of lower limb injuries
PO 3Coaches access FootyFirst resources and trainingK2Know how to access FootyFirst resources and trainingB4Believe accessing FootyFirst resources and training will increase capacity to implement FootyFirstE2Receive FootyFirst resources and training in convenient and accessible format, time location, cost, etc
PO 4Coaches make decision to implement FootyFirstK3Know what to do when implementing FootyFirstS1Have skills to implement FootyFirstB5Believe implementing FootyFirst will lead to relevant benefitsE3Receive external support and encouragement to implement FootyFirst
K4Know how to implement FootyFirstS2Have skills to assess and correct FootyFirst exercise techniquesB6Believe FootyFirst is more beneficial than current warm-up activitiesE4FootyFirst is compatible with existing external environmental conditions
B7Believe respected others think implementing FootyFirst is a good ideaE5Have access to equipment necessary to implement FootyFirst
E6See respected others implementing FootyFirst or similar program
PO 5Coaches implement FootyFirstK5Know what to do when implementing FootyFirstS3Have skills to implement FootyFirst with playersB8Believe players would be willing to participate in FootyFirstE7Receive external praise and encouragement for implementing FootyFirst
K6Know how to implement FootyFirstB9Believe players have capacity to participate in FootyFirstE8Have access to equipment necessary to implement FootyFirst
B10Believe other coaches will implement FootyFirst
  • Programme use Adoption outcome: coaches deliver FootyFirst.

  • AF, Australian football; B1–10 belief change objectives: E1–8, environment change objectives; K1–6, knowledge change objectives; S1–3, skill change objectives.