Table 2

Assumptions used in the Markov model evaluating bike lane construction in 2015 versus status quo

AssumptionRationale (impact on estimates)
Future lost productivity and leisure time costs of injury are included within the health-related quality-of-life scoreEQ5D scores may implicitly include lost productivity and leisure time, however this has been debated (favours status quo)
Benefits of bike lane construction are limited to bike ridersConstruction of bike lanes may also reduce injury risks for car drivers and pedestrians (favours status quo)
The trend of bike lane construction during the past 7 years will continue in 2015Bike lane construction may be more emphasised because a citywide traffic safety programme initiated in 2014. (favours bike lane construction)
Mortality risk because of traffic injury occurs only at the time of injuryInjury victims may be at higher risk of future death both from physical limitations and economic impact of the injury on the victim's life (favours status quo)