Table 2

Performance objectives, determinants and change objectives for the Reach of FootyFirst among community AF coaches

 Determinants of FootyFirst REACH to community Australian football coaches
Performance objectives (POs)What is communicatedWho is communicatingWhat communication channels are used
PO1Coaches receive information about FootyFirstC1Know lower limb injuries have negative impact on individual and team performanceC4Believe FootyFirst information is coming from a credible sourceC7Receive communication in an acceptable format
 C2Know FootyFirst is effective in preventing lower limb injuriesC5Receive FootyFirst information from a familiar sourceC8Receive communication in a familiar way
C3Know FootyFirst is specific to community-AFC6Receive FootyFirst information from a variety of sourcesC9Receive FootyFirst information in a variety of ways
  • Programme use Reach outcome: coaches are aware of FootyFirst.

  • AF, Australian football; C1–9, communication change objectives.