Table 3

Using two different bases for social costs: New Zealand social costs of home fall injuries, monetised benefits for 26% reduction and 33% reduction over 20 years and B/C ratios for a national programme of modifications to houses

Item estimated (currency values in $NZ millions 2012 values)DALYsVOSL
Annual social cost falls$4977$25 628
Annual social cost of home falls$2281$11 248
Total cost of intervention nationally$978
 26% reduction (injury rate model*)
 20-year benefits (8% discount rate)


$28 712
 B/C ratio (for the above benefits)629
 33% reduction (injury cost model)
 20-year benefits (8% discount rate)


$36 442
 B/C ratio (for the above benefits)837
  • *Estimation described in Keall et al12 the injury cost model is described above.

  • B/C ratio, benefit–cost ratio; DALYs, disability adjusted life years; VOSL, value of statistical life.