Table 2

VPAT checklist total score per organisation at six time points

Partnership analysis tool total score†
Partner organisation*Survey 1 (pre 1st meeting)Survey 2Survey 3Survey 4Survey 5Survey 6
Mean (SD)125.1 (6.9)134.7 (9.5)136.0 (12.4)137.4 (9.0)§139.6 (14.2)§141.2 (7.3)§
VPAT partnership strength233333
  • *To protect the anonymity of the partners, they have been randomly assigned letters in the above table. †The VPAT20 suggests three recommended categories of partnership level: 3: partnership based on genuine collaboration had been established and the challenge is to maintain its impetus and build on the current success (127–175); 2: the partnership is moving in the right direction, but it will need more attention if it is going to be really successful (85–126); 1: the whole idea of a partnership should be rigorously questioned (35–84).

  • ‡No response for survey 6 from this organisation (the data have been analysed after replacing this score by survey 5 score of the same organisation, ie, 143).

  • §Comparison with first survey, p<0.05.

  • VPAT, Victorian Health Promotion Foundation Partnership Analysis Tool.