Table 1

The National Guidance for Australian football Partnerships and Safety (NoGAPS) project partner organisations, their role in sports injury prevention and specific interest in Australian football

Partner organisationRole in general sport injury prevention and/or participation promotionSpecific role/interest in AF
AFLThe national non-government peak sports body responsible for the setting and delivery of safety rules, policies and practices at all levels of the sport.
VicHealthA statutory health promotion body that encourages, facilitates and supports sustained participation in sport/physical activities, including through the removal of barriers to participation, such as injury.Given the sport is one of the major participation sports in Victoria, it invests funding in increasing/maintaining participation in community-AF and also supports AF clubs to provide healthy and welcoming environments for physical activity.
SRVA state government department responsible for providing strategic leadership, funding and support to the sport and recreation industry to provide safe sports participation opportunities across all sports, improve facilities and increase community participation in sport and active recreation.Provides direct funding to community-AF clubs/regions for participation initiatives, safety programme delivery and administration. Also provides funding to bodies such as Sports Medicine Australia National and Victorian Branches for the development and dissemination of sports safety resources, including to all those involved in community-AF.
New South Wales Sporting Injuries CommitteeA not-for-profit statutory state government organisation that provides insurance coverage for serious injuries and promotes injury prevention and safe sports practices at a state level, across a range of sports.
Jardine Lloyd Thompson SportA national sports insurance broker agency, providing insurance cover for many sports nationally. It has invested significantly in risk management approaches for sports safety to reduce the cost of insurance coverage and payouts for sports injury treatment claims.Provides sports injury insurance coverage to all AF clubs and registered participants Australia-wide. Has developed, and promotes, risk management resources and safety checklists specifically for AF.
Sports Medicine AustraliaA peak sports medicine body, which is a not-for-profit non-government organisation that provides sports first aid training, advocates for sports safety, provides professional development in sports safety and develops sports safety guidelines and programmes. Both the state branch and the Australian national body were represented as separate partners.Works with the AFL to help deliver sports trainer courses to educate about injury prevention and management. Develops and disseminates resources specifically for the prevention of injuries in community-AF, when funded to do so by agencies such as SRV and VicHealth.
  • AF, Australian football; AFL, Australian Football League; SRV, Sport and Recreation Victoria Division; VicHealth, Victorian Health Promotion Foundation.