Table 2

Predictors of case duration from a multiple regression model*

β (months)*95% CI (months)
Male (ref: female)−0.6–1.7 to 0.5
Age, years (ref: 26–40 years)
 <181.7−0.1 to 3.6
 18–25−1.0−3.1 to 1.2
 41–60−0.6−2.1 to 0.8
 61+−4.2−5.6 to −2.7
Cause of death†
 Natural−6.6−9.4 to −3.9
 Intentional self-harm−4.6−6.7 to −2.5
 Drowning−4.3−7.5 to −1.4
 Undetermined−3.6−6.9 to −0.4
 Transport−2.6−5.5 to −0.0
 Poisoning−2.4−4.7 to −0.1
 Fall−1.8−4.8 to 1.3
 Other external cause1.5−1.9 to 4.7
 Complications of medical care9.05.5 to 12.3
 Assault12.27.8 to 17.0
Location of death (ref: major city)
 Inner regional−0.7−2.3 to 0.8
 Outer regional4.31.5 to 7.6
 Remote2.0−2.1 to 7.5
 Very remote−6.5−9.7 to −3.3
Jurisdiction (ref: New South Wales)
 Northern Territory−10.1−13.5 to −6.7
 Australian Capital Territory3.30.3 to 6.5
 Western Australia3.81.4 to 6.2
 Tasmania4.3−1.2 to 10.2
 Victoria7.56.2 to 8.8
 Queensland8.26.5 to 9.9
 South Australia11.99.7 to 14.0
Central court (ref: regional court)6.95.5 to 8.3
Recommendation or warning issued (ref: none issued)8.97.6 to 10.3
  • *Coefficients represent the estimated number of additional (or fewer) months of case duration associated with the characteristic, relative to the reference group and adjusting for all other covariates. Imputation of missing data permitted all inquest cases in the sample (n=5096) to be included in the multivariable analysis.

  • †No reference category because external cause categories were not mutually exclusive.