Table 2

Descriptive statistics for law enforcement officer assaults 1998–2013 and dependent variables

VariableFatal (n=862)Non-fatal (n=2022)
Mean age (years)*36.935.6
Mean experience (months)*130.6118.3
Male (%)9495
White (%)8588
Firearm (%)*8466
Dependent variableMeanVariance
Fatal assaults—all methods1.122.76
Fatal handgun assaults0.761.52
Fatal non-handgun assaults0.360.60
Non-fatal assaults—all methods2.5216.73
Non-fatal handgun assaults1.204.48
Non-fatal non-handgun assaults1.325.58
  • *p<0.05. The mean and variance of the dependent variables are presented to illustrate the overdispersion present in the data necessitating the use of negative binomial regression.