Table 2

Most frequent distinctive* and overall injury deaths

Most frequent overall injury deathsMost frequent distinctive* injury deaths
InjuryNational rate†IQR of national rateInjuryNo of states where most distinctive*National rate‡IQR of national rate
Drug poisoning, unintentional9.027.6–11.5Firearm, unintentional70.1980.12–0.38
Firearm, suicide8.885.4–9.0Firearm, legal intervention50.1240.08–0.19
Fall, unintentional7.496.1–10.0Drowning, suicide40.1240.08–0.16
Motor vehicle, occupant injured, unintentional5.792.8–7.7Struck by/against, homicide40.0490.03–0.07
  • *Defined as the injury death for which the state death rate is the largest multiple of the national death rate.

  • †Deaths per 100,000 people, age-adjusted.

  • ‡Deaths per 100,000 people, age-adjusted.