Table 1

ICD-9-CM codes for severe traumatic injuries

ICD-9-CM code (range)Code description
800.x, 801.x, 803.xFracture of skull
804.xMultiple fractures involving skull or face with other bones
805.x, 806.xFracture of vertebral column with or without spinal cord injury
807.03–807.08, 807.13–807.18Fracture of three or more ribs
807.2, 807.3Sternum fracture
807.4Flail chest
807.5, 807.6Larynx or trachea fracture
808.xFracture of pelvis
812.1x, 812.3x, 812.5xFracture of humerus, open
813.1x, 813.3x, 813.5x, 813.9xFracture of radius or ulna, open
820.x, 821.xFracture of femur
823.1x, 823.3xFracture of upper end or shaft of tibia or fibula, open
824.5, 824.7Bimalleolar or trimalleolar fracture of ankle, open
850.2, 850.3, 850.4Concussion with moderate or prolonged loss of consciousness
851.xCerebral laceration/contusion
852.x, 853.x, 854.xSubarachnoid, subdural, extradural or intracranial haemorrhage/injury
860.xTraumatic pneumothorax or haemothorax
861.xInjury to heart or lung
862.8, 862.9Injury to multiple and unspecified intrathoracic organs
863.x, 864.x, 865.x, 866.xInjury to gastrointestinal tract, liver, spleen or kidney
874.1x, 874.5Open wound of larynx or trachea or pharynx, complicated
887.x, 896.x, 897.xTraumatic amputation of arm, hand, foot or leg
900.x, 901.x, 902.xInjury to blood vessels of head, neck, thorax, abdomen or pelvis
904.0, 904.1Injury to common or superficial femoral artery
904.2, 904.3Injury to femoral or saphenous vein
904.4x, 904.5xInjury to popliteal or tibial blood vessels
925.x, 926.x, 927.x, 928.x, 929.xCrushing injury
950.3Injury to visual cortex
952.xSpinal cord injury without evidence of spinal bone injury
  • ‘x’ indicates that all subcodes are also included. Table reprinted with permission from the Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation.27

  • ICD-9-CM, International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, Clinical Modification.