Table 2

Proportion of game injuries by body region in players in the PAFIX clustered randomised controlled trial by study arm

Proportion of injuries by body region*Study arm
All players
n=773 injuries
NMC arm
n=335 injuries
Control arm
n=438 injuries
Lower limb total†50.246.353.2
 Upper leg17.215.823.9
 Lower leg8.24.810.7
Head/neck total†17.923.313.7
 Head and neck7.18.75.9
Upper limb total†17.514.020.1
 Shoulder/upper arm/elbow/lower arm9.79.69.8
Trunk total†14.215.813.0
  • *Proportion of total game injuries for all players or by study arm.

  • †May differ from grouped totals presented due to rounding.

  • NMC, neuromuscular control; PAFIX, Preventing Australian Football Injuries through Exercise.