Table 2

Frequency of minor and severe injuries based on new bicycle-crash-scene codes*

Minor injury (n)‡Severe injury (n)§Total injury (n)
Bicycle environments†
 No bike facility336295
 Bike lane (bicyclist inside the lane)11223388 (total)
 Bike lane (bicyclist outside the lane)233255
 Cycle track (bicyclist inside the lane)8142263 (total)
 Cycle track (bicyclist outside the lane)103141
Bicycle potential impact points¶Minor Injury (n)Severe Injury (n)Total Injury(n)Ratio of all cases (%)
 Right side16345017.3
 Left side23547726.6
Motor vehicle Potential impact Points
 1 (left front)7233010.3
 2 (front)17355217.9
 3 (right front)10213110.7
 4 (right/right front)1117289.6
 5 (general ride door side)817258.6
 5a (right mirror)58134.5
 5b (right front door)1451.7
 5c (right back door)615217.2
 6 (right/right back)4372.4
 7 (right back)1010.3
 8 (back)3251.7
 9 (left back)0110.3
 10 (left/left back)1341.4
 11 (general left door side)4482.6
 11a (left mirror)2131.0
 11b (left front door)3582.8
 11c (left back door)312155.2
 12 (left/left front)13203311.4
Crash patterns (turn/impact)
 Rear end76134.4
 Dooring left-side717248.3
 Dooring right-side617238.0
 Bicycle turning314175.9
 Motor vehicle turning left20284816.6
 Motor vehicle turning right14163010.4
 Right angle—bicycle head-on12233512.1
 Right angle—motor vehicle head-on9303913.5
Vehicle type
 Sport utility vehicle (SUV)214167.1
 Pick-up truck0441.8
 Medium truck1341.8
 Large truck2131.3
  • *All of the specific variables could not be generated for all of the 300 bicycle crashes.

  • †Bicycle environments selected based on equitability among the environments and thus not a random sample.

  • ‡Minor injury—non-incapacitating injuries.

  • §Severe injury—incapacitating injuries, possible injuries or killed.

  • ¶Bicycle potential impact points, motor vehicle potential impact points, motor vehicle types and crash patterns could all equally be impacted in the four different bicycle environments.