Table 1

Details of the junior and senior sample, including average age and proportions of white players, forward positions and those who had never had a sprain, previously

Junior (n=2279)Senior (n=1642)
Age in years (mean±SD)17±1 (n=2162)25±4 (n=1586)
Ethnicity—Caucasian* (%)46 (n=2167)64 (n=1586)
Forwards (%)54 (n=2167)55 (n=1590)
Never injured (%)17 (n=2161)11 (n=1559)
Coach safety—yes (%)87 (n=2116)87 (n=1558)
  • *This was the ethnicity classification used by South African Rugby Union in the knowledge, attitude and behaviour questionnaire (see online supplementary appendix I).

  • †Players who answered ‘never’ to the question, “When was your last Rugby ligament sprain or muscle strain?”

  • ‡Players were asked, “Do you think it is important that your coach complete an annual safety course?”