Table 1

Baseline characteristics for programme and non-programme populations*

Programme housesNon-programme houses†Total
Number of homes813424 34632 480
Population28 57079 135107 705
Mean (number of persons/house)
Number of smoke alarms installed20 127
Mean (#SD/house)2.5
Households (% with characteristic)
 Owned residence71.163.765.6
 Black HH47.652.751.4
 Hispanic HH43.535.537.5
 HH >64 years31.321.023.6
 Owned and HH >64 years26.816.919.4
 Rented and HH >64 years4.54.14.2
  • p < 0.05 for all comparisons of household characteristics between programme and non-programme house populations, except rented and HH >64 years, which was non-significant.

  • *36 Target census tracts.

  • †See text for methods of calculating non-programme population.

  • HH,  Head of household.