Table 1

Characteristics of the 22 selected pesticide shops, grouped according to their size and function

Small scale (n=3)Medium scale (n=16)Large scale (n=3)
Typically unregisteredGovernment registeredGovernment registered
Located in rural villagesLocated either in small towns or rural villagesShops were always located in larger towns near agricultural areas
Often untrained vendors involved in selling pesticidesTrained vendors involved in selling pesticidesSeveral trained vendors were directly involved in the business
Some of these vendors are part timeMost common type of shopSell pesticides for a wholesale price to small-scale and medium-scale pesticide shops and also directly to farmers
Newer shops and were operating for less than 5 yearsPrimarily there was one person involved in selling pesticidesOffer attractive discounts
Pesticides sales are the main business and often only specific brands of certain companies are availableAt times others in the household may also sellNormally, customers exceed 100 per day
Pesticides sales are the main business and often they had available only specific brands of certain companiesThey offer free consultancy services to select the correct pesticides
The shops have direct links with pesticide companies