Table 2

Impact of distraction, gender and age on time to cross per lane (in seconds) (n=1102)

β Coefficient95% CIp Value
 Using handheld phone0.220.01 to 0.430.04
 Using hands-free phone0.380.00 to 0.760.05
 Text messaging0.550.36 to 0.750.00
 Listening to music−0.16−0.33 to 0.000.05
 Other0.21−0.08 to 0.500.15
 In a group, talking0.190.04 to 0.350.02
 Female gender0.140.04 to 0.240.01
Age group
 <18 years0.09−0.25 to 0.420.61
 18–24 yearsRef.
 25–44 years0.11−0.03 to 0.250.11
 45–64 years0.270.10 to 0.430.00
 65+ years0.870.60 to 1.130.00
  • Data in bold are significant to p<0.05. For gender-specific data, males were the gender reference group.