Table 2

Proportion of SBC casualties in the total number of cyclist crash casualties treated at emergency departments per country

Study area, study period and sourcesShare (%) of SBC victimsNumber of cyclist victims on which the share is based
Netherlands (2005–2009)23786830
England, Cambridge (2003)*4469293
Germany, Göttingen (2007–2008)*4560294
Sweden (2007–2011)187737 563
Finland (1985–1986)*3779260
Norway (2001–2002)4682991
France, Rhône county (1996–2008)207113 684
Austria, leisure cycling (2007–2009)*4780512
USA, California, New York and North Carolina (1993–1997)48632509
Canada (2006)49893817
Hong Kong, Shatin, New Territories (2006)50881315
Turkey, Central Anatolian Region (2005–2008)5195150
United Arab Emirates (2001–2003)5284200
  • *Questionnaire study among victims treated at an emergency department.

  • SBC, single-bicycle crash.