Table 2

Firearm prohibition status of state prison inmates incarcerated for offence committed with firearm in 13 states (n=253)

n (%)
May possess even under stricter standards78 (30.8)
 No prior arrests or convictions and offender age ≥21 years28 (11.1)
 Prior arrests but no convictions and offender age ≥21 years34 (13.4)
 Prior non-disqualifying misdemeanour convictions, and no convictions for serious juvenile offence, and offender age ≥21 years16 (6.3)
Prohibited under current state or federal laws102 (40.3)
 Prior adult (≥18 years) felony conviction(s) or dishonourable discharge69 (27.3)
 Offender age <18 years at sentencing and used handgun in current offence33 (13.0)
Would be prohibited only under stricter standards* 73 (28.9)
 Handgun offender age 18–20 years at sentencing for current offence43 (17.0)
 Long gun offender age 1–20 years at sentencing for current offence17 (6.7)
 Prior conviction for serious juvenile offence13 (5.1)
 Prior conviction for firearms or violent misdemeanour9 (3.6)
 Prior conviction for 2+ drug misdemeanours2 (0.8)
 Prior conviction for 2+ alcohol misdemeanours1 (0.4)
  • * These subcategories are not mutually exclusive.