Table 4

Odds of failing to display optimal crossing behaviour (n=1102)

OR95% CIp Value
 Using handheld phone0.830.46 to 1.480.53
 Using hands-free phone0.900.33 to 2.460.84
 Text messaging3.851.70 to 9.00.00
 Listening to music1.430.86 to 2.390.17
 Other1.890.73 to 4.950.19
In a group, talking1.350.84 to 2.160.22
Female gender1.521.12 to 2.050.00
Age group
 <18 years1.390.56 to 3.630.46
 18–24 yearsRef.
 25–44 years1.100.73 to 1.670.66
 45–64 years0.740.46 to 1.200.22
 65+ years0.570.28 to 1.170.13
  • Data in bold are significant at p<0.05. Optimal crossing behaviour is defined as looking both ways, crossing at the crosswalk and obeying the lights. For gender-specific data, males were the gender reference group.