Table 2

Unit costs and values used in the analysis

ResourceUnit costs*Number of unitsSource
WTP for severe injuries€629 1001.5 (0.6–2.7)Barnes et al, 2006
WTP for moderate injuries€148 50071 (25.0–126.3)Barnes et al, 2006
WTP for slight injuries€18 900434.5 (153.4–773.0)Barnes et al, 2006
Value of statistical life€2.7 million (€3.5 million)0 (1)Martínez et al, 2007
Implementation costs€384 039.41/2 yearsDepartment of Mobility, Barcelona City Council
Maintenance costs€253 536.10/2 yearsDepartment of Mobility, Barcelona City Council
Police costs€327 708.22/2 yearsPersonal communication
Photograph/ticket processing and delivery€629 998.98/2 yearsCity of Treasury, Barcelona City Council
Ajuntament de Barcelona, 2008
Ajuntament de Barcelona, 2004
549 434 vehicles/working dayDepartment of Mobility, Barcelona City Council
Time lost due to speed reduction€26.61/h1.2 people/vehicle 1.8 km/hShires and de Jong, 2009
Ambulances€210.00/trip507 (179–902)UNESPA, 2008
Attendance of emergency department€113.20/attendance507 (179–902)UNESPA, 2008
Hospitalisation€18 867–€302.03/stay39.5 (13.9–70.3)UNESPA, 2008
Private property damage€1200/crashUNESPA, 2008
Productivity loss€87.53/day490.5 (1389.1–2471.5)Instituto Nacional de Estadística, 2008
People who avoided injury507 (179–902)Pérez et al, 2007
  • Values in parentheses indicate alternative values used in the sensitivity analysis.

  • * Euros in year 2008.

  • WTP, willingness to pay.