Table 1

Attitudes regarding statements about ski helmets of helmet wearers and non-wearers

I disagree totally (%)I rather disagree (%)I disagree/agree partly (%)I rather agree (%)I agree totally (%)p Value*
Statement 1: A ski helmet protects from head injuries
Statement 2: A ski helmet interferes with vision
Statement 3: A ski helmet looks good/is stylish
Statement 4: A ski helmet is expensive
Statement 5: A ski helmet warms the head when weather is cold
Statement 6: A ski helmet is uncomfortable
Statement 7: Adults using ski helmets are role models for children
Statement 8: A ski helmet damages the hairstyle
Statement 9: All winter sport participants should wear a ski helmet
Statement 10: A ski helmet interferes with hearing
Statement 11: All children on ski slopes should wear ski helmets
Statement 12: People using a ski helmet sweat when weather is warm
Statement 13: A ski helmet is heavyweight
Statement 14: A ski helmet increases the individual level of risk taking
  • * Refers to significance within frequencies of attitudes between helmet wearers and non-wearers.