Table 1

Illustrative de-identified discharge history scenarios obtained from the National Minimum Dataset of hospital discharges, 1989–2007

NHI*Record ID*Injury dateAdmission dateDischarge dateDischargeMajor external causeExternal cause descriptionPrimary diagnosis descriptionHospital*Key eventAlgorithm output
ReadmissionReadmission ID
44895495023 March 20063 March 20063 March 2006RoutineStruck by or againstAssault by bodily force, unspecified personSoft tissue injury left armDYesNo9502
83362110958 August 20068 August 200612 August 2006TransferMotor vehicle trafficDriver of convertible car, restrained, collisionOpen wound of scalp, largeTNo
833621219712 August 200612 August 20065 September 2006TransferMotor vehicle trafficDriver of convertible injured, convertible vs land cruiseFracture of right medial malleolusCYesYes1095
83362187345 September 20065 September 20069 September 2006RoutineMotor vehicle trafficDriver injured, convertible vs land cruiserConvalescence for treatment of fractureNNo
62005856787 December 20067 December 200610 December 2006RoutineStruck by or againstPunched in headFocal cerebral haematomaHNo
620058854715 December 200615 December 200622 December 2006RoutineStruck by or againstAssault by bodily forceTraumatic subarachnoid hHYesYes5678
62005890867 December 200623 December 20064 January 2007RoutineOther specifiedSequela of assault—punched in headSeizureHNo
  • * NHI, hospital discharge record identifiers (record ID) and hospital identifiers have been coded to protect anonymity.

  • NHI, National Health Index.