Table 4

Adjusted odds ratios (aOR)* for the relationship between committing an infraction and helmet use stratified by severity of the crash and location of the injuries

Infractions not accompanied by speed related infractionsExcessive or dangerous speedBoth
Variable of stratificationCategoriesaOR95% CIaOR95% CIaOR95% CI
*Reference category: no infractions. Other variables included in the model: age, sex, psychophysical circumstances, administrative infraction, reason for travelling, physical disabilities, nationality, type of road, light conditions, shoulder, place of the accident, condition of the road surface, visibility restricted by buildings, visibility restricted by terrain, other danger, type of accident.
†aOR estimate could not be obtained for this category because of small sample size.
Severity of the crashOnly minor injuries0.600.54 to 0.680.980.50 to 1.910.970.73 to 1.28
Severe injuries without any deaths0.610.52 to 0.711.080.46 to 2.570.970.69 to 1.37
At least one death0.610.39 to 0.94–†0.170.39 to 0.70
Location of the injuryHead/face/neck0.650.54 to 0.781.120.47 to 2.670.930.63 to 1.38
Other parts of the body0.620.55 to 0.690.940.45 to 1.971.100.82 to 1.47
None/unknown0.650.51 to 0.810.840.17 to to 1.85