Table 3

Crude (cOR) and adjusted odds ratios (aOR)* for the relationship between committing an infraction and helmet use

Crude estimatesAdjusted estimates
InfractionscOR95% CIaOR95% CI
*Other variables included in the model: age, sex, seriousness of injury to cyclist, psychophysical circumstances, administrative infraction, reason for travelling, physical disabilities, nationality, type of road, light conditions, shoulder, place of the accident, condition of the road surface, visibility restricted by buildings, visibility restricted by terrain, other danger, type of accident, seriousness of injuries to persons other than the cyclist.
None (reference category)11
Infractions not accompanied by speed related infractions0.440.40 to 0.470.630.58 to 0.69
Excessive or dangerous speed0.980.60 to 1.620.950.56 to 1.61
Both0.950.79 to 1.130.970.79 to 1.20