Table 2

Ski helmet attitudes and factor loading (N=916)

F1 (Subjective disadvantages)F2 (Safety awareness)F3 (Comfort/style)F4 (Risk compensation)
1. A ski helmet protects from head injuries0.50
2. A ski helmet interferes with vision0.43
3. A ski helmet looks good/is stylish0.55
4. A ski helmet is expensive0.41
5. A ski helmet warms the head when weather is cold0.71
6. A ski helmet is uncomfortable−0.66
7. Adults using ski helmets are role models for children0.72
8. A ski helmet damages the hairstyle0.58
9. All winter sport participants should wear a ski helmet0.61
10. A ski helmet interferes with hearing0.66
11. All children on ski slopes should wear ski helmets0.72
12. People using a ski helmet sweat when weather is warm0.67
13. A ski helmet is heavyweight0.43
14. A ski helmet increases the individual level of risk taking0.90