Table 1

Distribution of cyclists according to infraction (excluding speed related infractions) recorded by the Dirección General de Tráfico in Spain

Distracted or inattentive20949.18
Incorrect use of vehicle lights1360.60
Driving in the wrong lane or in the wrong direction7593.33
Partially invading opposite lane5122.24
Incorrect turn13675.99
Illegal passing2991.31
Violating the minimum safety distance between vehicles4792.10
Unjustified braking150.07
Failure to grant right-of-way9003.94
Disobeying a traffic light7423.25
Disobeying a stop sign9334.09
Disobeying a yield sign4672.05
Invading a pedestrian crossing1250.55
Disobeying any other traffic sign or a police instruction950.42
Failure to correctly signal intention1050.46
Entering traffic flow carelessly5652.48
Stopping in an illegal or dangerous place70.03
Cycling two or more abreast in the same lane1940.85
Cycling outside cycle lane or shoulder7843.44
Other infraction252811.09
No infraction961642.15