Table 6

Average annual numbers of sports and recreation related injury episodes and injury emergency department (ED) visits and percent difference, by type of activity for persons aged 5–24 year olds from NHIS and NHAMCS: US, 1997–99

ActivityNHIS 1997–99 (No of episodes* in 1000s)NHAMCS 1997–98 (No of ED visits* in 1000s)% Difference†
*Numbers may not sum to total due to rounding.
†% difference = (NHIS estimate-NHAMCS estimate)/NHIS estimate × 100.
‡Other team sports includes volleyball, rugby, hockey, lacrosse, cricket and others; recreational sports includes tennis, racquetball, badminton and other racquet sports, as well as golf, bowling, fishing, hunting, hiking, mountain climbing and other leisure sports; and other sports includes all other sport recreation categories; for example, horseback riding, all-terrain vehicle, frisbee, and catch.
All sports/recreation4488261641.7
Group sport2064117043.3
    Other team sports‡27711259.6
Individual sport2423144640.3
    Pedal cycling417421−1.0
    Ice or roller skating, skateboarding25415040.9
    Snow sport13611118.4
    Water sport1011001.0
    Recreational sport‡2775081.9
    Other sport‡35117849.3