Table 5

Estimated annual number of episode related injury diagnoses* by body part and type of diagnosis, and percentages, overall and by body part affected for persons aged 5 years and older: US, 1997–99

Diagnoses (in 1000s)†Overall (%)†Body part (%)†
*Includes 8.6% of injury episodes that involved more than one diagnosis.
†Numbers and percentages may not sum to total due to rounding.
‡Estimates may be unstable because they are based on <20 cases or the coefficient of variation >30%.
§Includes injuries to the spine and back, other multiple/unspecified body parts, and late effects.
    Open wound6228.356.1
    Internal organs1912.517.2
    Internal organs14‡0.22.4
    Open wounds7‡0.11.2
Upper extremities234231.2100.0
    Open wounds1311.75.6
Lower extremities292238.9100.0
    Open wounds1962.66.7
    Blood vessels4‡0.10.1
Other body parts§5537.4100.0