Table 2

ICD codes for fatal road traffic injuries and number of deaths according to gender and road user type for 611 654 Norwegians born between 1967 and 1976 and followed-up from age 16 to 20 years

CategoryICD-8 (1983–85)ICD-9 (1986–95)ICD-10 (1996–97)FemalesMales
Total road traffic injuriesE810–E819, E825–E827E810–E819, E826–E829V01–V29, V40–V4914910.052733.8
Car driverLast digit 0Last digit 0V40–V49 last digit 5432.921013.5
Car passengerLast digit 1Last digit 1V40–V49 last digit 6684.61398.9
Motorcycle riderLast digit 2Last digit 2V20–V29 last digit 480.51167.4
Motorcycle passengerLast digit 3Last digit 3V20–V29 last digit 560.4100.6
Unspecified motor vehicle occupantE810–E819, last digit 9E810–E819, last digit 9V20–V29 or V40–V49, last digit 930.2181.2
  • * Deaths per 100 000 person-years.

  • Motor vehicle category or status as driver/rider/passenger not specified.

  • Pedal cyclist (n=6), pedestrian (n=44), animal rider (n=4), unspecified (n=1).

  • ICD, International Classification of Disease.