Table 1

The CDC operational case definition for fatal AHT in children under 5 years old*

AHT classificationAHT injury/disease code (ICD-10)AHT cause code (ICD-10)
Definite or presumptive abusive head traumaS02, S02.0–S02.1, S02.7–S02.9, S04.0, S06.0–S06.9, S07.1, S07.8–S07.9, S09.7–S09.8, T90.2, T90.5, T90.8–T90.9Y00, Y01, Y04, Y07.0–Y07.3, Y07.8–Y07.9, Y08, Y09, Y87.1, T74.1, T74.8–T74.9
Probable abusive head traumaAll of those aboveY29, Y30, Y33, Y34, Y87.2
  • * See online appendix 2 for description of codes.

  • AHT, abusive head trauma; CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.