Table 2

Arrests within three years after CCW application among Isleton and comparison applicants

CohortAge*Arrest charges
*As of the date of the CCW application.
†A conviction would prohibit further possession or purchase of firearms.
‡Had a criminal record before CCW application.
22Willful infliction of corporal injury (domestic violence)†
27Battery causing serious bodily injury†
31Willful infliction of corporal injury (domestic violence)†
40Drawing, exhibiting firearm in presence of motor vehicle occupant†
41Fighting in public, carrying weapon concealed within vehicle†‡
41Drawing, exhibiting firearm in threatening manner†
41Petty theft
32Willful infliction of corporal injury (domestic violence)†
38Violation of protection order† (two counts), stalking† (two counts)
40Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs
47Assault with a deadly weapon or force likely to produce great bodily injury†