Table 1

Demographic and criminal activity characteristics of Isleton and comparison CCW applicants

CharacteristicIsleton applicants (n = 691)Comparison applicants (n = 965)
*The number of persons arrested for crimes of particular types does not equal the total number of persons arrested, as some subjects were arrested for crimes of more than one type.
Age (years)
Pre-application arrests*
    Gun, non-violent71.040.4
    Non-gun, non-violent233.3424.4
Pre-application convictions
    Gun, non-violent50.700.0
    Non-gun, non-violent152.2232.4
Post-application arrests*
    Gun, non-violent10.100.0
    Non-gun, non-violent10.120.2
Post-application convictions
    Gun, non-violent00.000.0
    Non-gun, non-violent00.020.2