Table 1

Estimated number of sports and recreation related (SR) injury deaths* based on selected ICD-9 external cause of injury codes†: US, 1998

Selected ICD-9 E codesExternal cause descriptionTotal No of deaths% ApplicableEstimated No of SR deaths
*Based on data from the National Vital Statistics System of the National Center for Health Statistics, Hyattsville, MD.
†External cause of injury codes were selected based on methods used in previous studies.5,6
E800–E807(.3), E813.6, E819.6Pedal cycle with a motor vehicle or railway68975517
E826.1Pedal cycle118100118
E828(.2,.3)Animal drawn/ridden8110081
E820–E821Off-road vehicle294100294
E830–E838(.0,.1), E831(.3,.9), E838.5Accident to watercraft causing submersion, drowning or fall, other and unspecified water transport accident203100203
E835.4, E838.4, E830.4, E831.4, E910.0Watersking71007
E830(all but .0,.1,.4), E832(.3,.9), E910(.1,.2,.8)Drowning33091003309
E902.2, E883.0Diving or jumping into water causing injury other than drowning6510065
E842.6–E842.9Occupant unpowered aircraft1910019
E884.0, E886.0Falls from playground equipment, or collision, pushing, or shoving in sports41004
E880–E882, E883(.1,.2,.9), E884(.1,.2,.9), E885, E886.9, E888Other falls12534101253
E917.0Struck by/against sports equipment3210032
E922.0–.9Firearm (unintentional)8661087
E900(.0,.9), E901(.0,.8,.9), E902(.0,.8,.9), E903,E904.3, E905–E909Natural/environmental factors13741.521
E848Other vehicles1371014
All other causes14091700
All injury causes1469414.16024