Table 4

Type of nailing activity associated with nail gun injuries by triggering mechanism among union residential carpenters, 1999–2002; values are frequency (%)

Type of trigger mechanism*
ActivityContact trip trigger (n=53)Sequential trigger (n=18)
*Triggering mechanism unknown for nine injuries; including injuries from fall, overexertion, repetitive motion (n=4).
†Represent gun dropped from above and contact with nose piece of gun being carried/moved.
Through nailing (nailing two pieces of wood together, such as joining 2×4’s or blocks in framing)32 (60)12 (67)
Toe nailing (nailing at an angle, such as in corners)5 (9)3 (17)
Flat nailing (sheathing activities, such as flooring or roofing)9 (17)1 (6)
Not nailing†2 (4)1 (6)
Could not code based on information collected5 (9)1 (6)