Table 6

Distribution of fatal AHT/fatal TBI cases for children under 5 years old, by ethnicity/race, USA, 2003–2007

Case classificationEthnicity/raceTotal
All racesCaucasianAfrican-AmericanA/PIAI/AN
AHT—definite or presumptive14328623915124699
Total AHT16531825920144780
Percentages by race21%41%33%3%2%<1%
Rates (per 100 000 person-years) by ethnicity/race0.690.551.740.40*1.36*
TBI without AHT—assault-related267513374203351212
TBI without AHT—unintentional73615176037280103018
Total TBI without AHT1003203097792113154230
Percentages by race24%48%23%2%3%<1%
Rates (per 100 000 person-years) by ethnicity/race4.193.546.561.8510.99
  • * Rate may be unstable because it is based on 20 or fewer deaths.

  • Excludes 69 TBI cases with undetermined intent.

  • AHT, abusive head trauma; TBI, traumatic brain injury.