Table 3

Crude crash, conviction and “at fault” crash rates per 100 driver-years: post-treatment

GroupCrashes* per 100 driver-yearsConvictions per 100 driver-years“At fault” crashes per 100 driver-years
*Crashes in which someone has been killed or injured or where there is property damage above $700 (raised to $1000 in January 1998) must be reported to the police. The Police Accident Report is forwarded to the Ministry of Transportation for their records.
Alcohol only2.888.591.37
Cannabis only5.6019.892.10
Cocaine only4.0823.991.60
Alcohol and cannabis3.3310.281.43
Alcohol and cocaine3.4010.981.78
Cannabis and cocaine3.7220.842.17
All three1.9012.630.81