Table 2

Efficiency of methods used to assess CRD use and barriers to use

MethodsObservational surveyInterview/inspectionQuestionnaireFocus group
*Because of the lack of data on subsequent children in vehicles in the observational survey, only the first child/CRD observed in each vehicle has been included.
Respondents/participants278 drivers207 drivers148 drivers45 parents/caregivers
278 children*326 children
Response rateNot applicable98%74%Not applicable
Number of responses achievable over timePossible to observe up to 50 vehicles/hourApproximately 12 drivers and their vehicles/hourDistribution to up 25 vehicle drivers/hourObtained information from up to 8–10 people/group taking approx 1 hour per group
Resources required to gather data
  • Observation skills only required

  • Knowledge and skill required to assess CRD fitting and child placement

  • Interview skills to interact with respondents

  • Interview skills to interact with respondents

  • Ensuring returns required further resource input

  • Facilitation skills required

  • Cooperation of outside organisations needed

  • Transcription of tapes required