Table 2

Overall cost of injuries in South Korea

Type of costNHI+AIDAITotal
Direct costs358612.911169.2470311.8
Direct healthcare costs25919.34503.730417.6
Direct non-healthcare costs9953.66675.516624.2
 Patient travel costs3431.2420.33851.4
 Caregiver costs6522.46255.212773.2
Indirect costs24 16187.110 97390.835 13488.2
Premature death15 88357.2848470.224 36761.2
Absence from work13284.87576.320855.2
Total costs27 747100.012 090100.039 837100.0
  • Unit: millions of dollars (exchange rate, 1 US$=948 Korean won in 2006).

  • AI, Automobile Insurance; AID, National Medical Care Aid; NHI, National Health Insurance.