Table 4

Factors associated with being in a rollover crash compared with being in a non-rollover crash, among children who were in any crash, United States 1993–98

Relative risk*95% CI
*Adjusted for other variables in the model.
†Per 10 kg increment in weight.
‡Per 1 year increment, base year 1960.
§Per 6 mph increment.
¶Per year of age.
    SUV11.19.3 to 13.3
    Light truck1.71.1 to 2.5
    Passenger car1.0
Vehicle weight†0.950.9 to 1.0
Model year‡0.960.9 to 0.99
Travel speed§1.41.3 to 1.5
Female passenger0.60.4 to 0.9
Driver age¶0.970.95 to 0.99