Table 1

Equivalence between the injury states described in the Pendant project and the injury profile classification used in Barcelona

Barcelona injury profile classification% VSLWTP valuePendant project injury states classification21% VSLWTP value21
Slight injuries0.7€18 900Whiplash0.36€5 400
Slight injuries0.7€10 500
Recover 3–4 months (outpatient)2.0€30 000
Recover 3–4 months (inpatient)2.0
Moderate injuries5.5€148 500Recover 1–3 years (inpatient)5.5€82 500
Moderate permanent disability (outpatient)5.5
Moderate permanent disability (inpatient)15.1€226 500
Severe injuries23.3€629 100Some permanent disability with scarring23.3€349 500
Paraplegia/quadriplegia100€1.5 million
Severe head injuries100€1.5 million
VSL€2.7 million23VSL€1.5 million
  • VSL, value of statistical life; WTP, willingness to pay.