Table 1

Injury incidence and number of person years. Incidence per 100000 person years, 1990–94*, due to different causes, for various age categories separately, all socioeconomic groups aggregated. Person years by age category, sex, and socioeconomic status

0–4 years5–9 years10–14 years15–19 years
*Fatal injuries were only measured for 1991–94; the proportion of fatal injuries is therefore somewhat underestimated.
Injury incidence
    Traffic injury42.3148236365
        % Females42.940.341.132.9
        % Fatal injuries*
    Fall injury473496446359
        % Females44.438.039.541.3
        % Fatal injuries*
    Self inflicted injury0.350.1618.9123
        % Females33.375.085.080.1
        % Fatal injuries*0.73.8
    Violence related injury5.023.3211.366.8
        % Females49.240.531.616.7
        % Fatal injuries*12.514.30.71.1
    Injuries total520647712914
        % Females44.338.541.141.2
        % Fatal injuries*
Person years
        High and intermediate level salaried employees414420463314486616534212
        Low level salaried employees159841151879154273174202
        Skilled workers235628210216173869175690
        Unskilled workers210959195468170767181015
        High and intermediate level salaried employees439192491053513292559692
        Low level salaried employees168793159718160391180256
        Skilled workers248952221864182899186492
        Unskilled workers221865205415179192188319