Table 2

Number (%) of preventable firearm deaths by various safety devices in Maryland and Milwaukee, 1991–98

Personalized gunLCIMagazine safetyAny of three safety devices*
*Because the same death may be preventable by more than one device, figures in this column are not the sum of the other three columns.
†For personalized guns, this category includes deaths where the shooter was not in immediate control of the firearm when it discharged (for example, a firearm that discharged when dropped from a tree stand while hunting). For loaded chamber indicators (LCIs), this category includes so-called Russian roulette shootings (a LCI might eliminate the element of chance from this activity).
Preventable43 (37)23 (20)5 (4)52 (44)
Possibly preventable†13 (11)15 (13)3 (3)19 (16)
Not preventable by safety devices61 (52)79 (68)109 (93)46 (39)
Total117 (100)117 (100)117 (100)117 (100)