Table 1

Childhood residential fire related injuries, injury rates, and number due to fireplay, by various characteristics, Dallas, Texas, 1991–98

CharacteristicTotal injuriesNo fatal, No non-fatalRate*No due to fireplay† (% of total)
*Average annual rate of residential fire related injuries per 100000 population with the listed characteristic.
†Number of total injuries which were due to fireplay.
‡p<0.01 by χ2 for trend, for age groupings.
Age (years)
    0–44024,166.2‡24‡ (60)
    5–9208,123.57 (35)
    10–1483,51.61 (12.5)
    Black4428,165.413 (29.5)
    Hispanic218,133.114 (66.7)
    White83,51.25 (62.5)
Type of residence
    Houses4125,162.98 (19.5)
    Apartments3113,184.121 (67.7)
    Mobile homes41,37.03 (75)