Table 2

Estimated percentage of adults aged 18 years or older who consume alcohol who reported alcohol impaired driving, by MADD state grade and individual characteristics

Men (n=31657)Women (n=32505)Total (n=64162)
Characteristic%*95% CI%*95% CI%*95% CI
*Among BRFSS respondents who reported drinking at least one alcoholic beverage in the month before the survey, percentage of respondents who gave a response of one or more times to the question, “During the past month, how many times have you driven when you've had perhaps too much to drink?”
†Mothers Against Drunk Driving's aggregate state grade for the Rating the States 2000 survey.
CI, confidence interval.
MADD state grade†
    A5.34.3 to to to 4.5
    B5.75.2 to to to 4.4
    C6.35.5 to to to 5.1
    D7.76.3 to to to 6.9
Age (years)
    18–2011.08.0 to to to 9.7
    21–249.87.8 to to to 8.3
    25–348.17.1 to to to 6.8
    35–544.94.4 to to to 3.8
    ≥552.01.4 to to to 1.6
    Black, non-Hispanic4.22.9 to to to 4.2
    White, non-Hispanic5.95.4 to to to 4.4
    Hispanic6.85.0 to to to 6.3
    Other5.63.4 to to to 5.7
    <High school4.53.2 to to to 4.7
    High school graduate6.85.9 to to to 5.3
    Some college6.75.9 to to to 5.0
    College graduate4.64.0 to to to 3.8
Marital status
    Married or coupled4.54.0 to to to 3.5
    Single8.17.4 to to to 6.3
    Female2.11.9 to 2.3
    Male5.85.4 to 6.2