Table 4

Results of conditional logistic regression of environment factors (p value <0.1)

Significant variablesp ValueAdjusted OR95% CI
*Reference level of nominal scale variable.
†Ordinal scale variables with four levels (groups) analyzed.
‡Significant at p ≤ 0.05.
(1) Child care
    Child's activities while caregiver working:
        Playing alone v sleep*0.0663.780.92 to 15.62
    Distance from caregiver while caregiver working:
        Too far to hear or see v close enough to hear or see*0.038‡3.141.07 to 9.23
    Child taken to (non-agricultural) worksite†:
        (1) never, (2) sometimes, (3) mostly, (4) everyday0.016‡1.671.02 to 2.52
    Amount of used containers around the residence:
        Plenty v few*0.0752.150.93 to 4.98
(2) Attitude tests
    If you could change your past, you would have been single†:
        (1) absolutely not true, (2) not true, (3) true, (4) absolutely true0.0280.560.33 to 0.94
    At significant events your spouse would consult you†:
        (1) absolutely not true, (2) not true, (3) true, (4) absolutely true0.0970.490.20 to 1.14