Table 2

Characteristics of cases and controls

Variables Cases (%)Controls (%)
*p Values = 0.04, all other variables had a p value >0.05.
Mean (SD) age of parent (years)
    Father31.2 (6.5)*30.1 (5.3)*
    Mother27.8 (5.9)*26.7 (5.1)*
Father's education
    More than secondary1210.0
Mother's education
    More than secondary38.4
Father's occupation
    Labour: daily or permanently employed3640.5
    Private business105.2
Mother's occupation
    Labour: daily or permanently employed1925.2
    Private business86.2
Parents' marital status
    Living together8787.9
    Living apart1312.1
Child's primary caregiver
    Grandparents or relatives1720.5
Daytime caregiver
    Other relatives75.2
Night-time caregiver
    Grandparents or other relatives2223.5